What’s Hot About the Suzuki Kizashi Concept Cars

The first thing you notice about the Suzuki Kizashi concept cars are their rock star good looks. The plunging front grill looks like something you would expect to see on a supersonic passenger train. The Kizashi’s sleek aerodynamics and low profile are expressed, albeit considerably understated, this is apparent when you find the suzuki kizashi model on the showroom floor.

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Kizashi Concept 1
Launched at the Frankfurt Motor Show in 2007, this AWD concept, equipped with a 2.0L, 4-valve turbo diesel and sequential 6-speed transmission, provided a preview of the company’s then-new world strategy. In Japanese, the word, kizashi, means ‘something great is coming.’ True to prophecy, this version was unleashed on the market in 2010, complete with i-Pod integration, smart key and bluetooth streaming.

Kizashi Concept 2
Two months after the first Kizashi concept was shown in Frankfurt, Kizashi 2 was unveiled at the Tokyo Motor Show. The five-door crossover sport wagon bore a 3.6L V6 engine with a six-speed automatic transmission. Less brazen than Kizashi Concept 1, the external appearance of this model is more reminiscent of a late-model Jaguar. The cheeky ‘S’ on the front grill leaves the viewer in no doubt as to the origin of this particular superpower.

Kizashi Concept 3
If Concept 1 was the hormonal teenager, the Kizashi Concept 3 represents the Baby Boomer generation. On display at the 2008 New York Auto Show, the third Kizashi concept car to be revealed within a six-month period was similar to its predecessor in terms of engine and transmission. The model introduced in 2008 had the addition of intelligent AWD. Note in the video how this system, shown here in the Kizashi Sport, out-performed the broken-down Jeep Cherokee poised well off-road in the lower lefthand corner.

Summing up
Introduced in stages over a six-month period, the Suzuki Kizashi grew increasingly more tantalizing with bigger engines, better transmissions and the introduction of intelligent four-wheel drive. The external appearance of the initial release was apparently calculated to grab our attention. It did. While later concepts were less eye-catching, they were probably more in tune with the ordinary motorist, many of whom are unlikely to be able to pull off the Hip-Hop wardrobe necessary to do the Concept 1 justice.

What’s hot about the Suzuki Kizashi Concept Cars? Everything, including the price. If you know where to look, it might just be possible to find the suzuki kizashi model online for under $20,000.