Transponder car key technology

The transponder technology was developed in an attempt to prevent car theft. After 2002 almost all car models that came out of production were equipped with keys with an integrated transponder. In other words, in the car key fob manufacturers placed a small chip or miniature electronic processing and signaling device. The purpose of the transponder is simple and effective against theft. The chip sends an electromagnetic signal to the immobilizer control unit of the car. Without receiving this signal, the immobilizer does not give you permission to start the engine of the car making people that do not possess an original key car unable to drive away. This technology is so efficient that it even prevents owners from driving the car after they lose their keys. This is why car owners need to appeal to professional locksmith every time they lose or have their car keys stolen. The transponder keys need to be programmed by a specialist in order to function. If you wish to find out more about the services provided by an auto locksmith for people losing their original transponder car keys, you should visit the following website A professional locksmith will reprogram a replica key to send a valid signal to the immobilizer control unit car. Programming a transponder car key is not an easy thing. It is an accurate and delicate operation, so not many locksmiths can handle the task.

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A key blade is a mechanical security measure that confirms the validity of a key; while the transponder validates the key through electromagnetic signal. The transponder technology has played a major role in preventing cars from being stolen ever since its introduction on the market. However, the latest code breaking techniques have also been invented, so old transponder keys are no longer the safest measure against thefts. By using advanced computers, thieves can produce clones of the original keys and steal cars that use outdated transponder technology. The age when you could tamper with the ignition of a car has long been gone, but right now you can easily steal a car with the use of a performant computer and the know-how. This is why the latest transponder technology has focused on improving its features. Improved transponder keys have a system that does not allow cloning. Despite the efficient code breaking techniques developed over the years, the transponder technology is one step ahead.


The only problem is that many manufacturers still use outdated transponder technology making the theft threat a current issue. The main reason why the latest transponders car keys have not been adopted is the cost, but commodity also plays an important role. All in all, the transponder technology is a great invention that has prevented numerous cars from being stolen. The only inconvenient would be that you cannot longer start the ignition once you lose your car keys without the help of a capable professional locksmith. The latest transponder keys are even more efficient against car theft, because they can surpass even the most advanced code breaking techniques.