Removing broken car keys from locks

All drivers have confronted themselves with a rather common problem, the broken key. Although it is a rather stressing situation, the problem is not that serious in the sense that it is not impossible to resolve. In fact, it is rather simple. Indeed, in some cases, broken car keys require the help of an expert, more specifically the help of a locksmith. Still, before rushing to find the telephone number of a locksmith company, you might want to read a few details on how to take care of this problem by yourself. In some situations, the following indications may lead to the adequate results. Even though the key is stuck in the lock and it suddenly breaks down, here is how you should handle the entire situation.

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The first rule is not to panic. Nothing terribly wrong will happen if you will not be able to remove the broken part of the car key by yourself. In the worst case scenario, you might have to do a bit of waiting until the lock smith appears to the scene. If you want to take care of this issue by yourself, then you should start by removing the key head. Some broken car keys might be difficult to extract, but with a bit of patience, you will eventually succeed. Once this step is completed, you should use a stick or a slim screwdriver to adequately align the lock in the key insertion position. Before passing on to the third step in the process, you should make sure that the lock is clean. To remove what is left of the key from the lock you will have to use a lubricant. On the specialized market, you will discover that there are special sprays and powders specially developed for broken car keys. By means of this lubricant, you will be able to quickly remove the tool. However, there is only one condition to properly completing the process on your own, without the help of a locksmith. You will need special tools. These are usually available in almost all car part shops.


Even if the problem of a broken car key is a very common one, very few people actually buy this tool. This is where your operation usually finds its end. In theory removing a broken key from the lock is possible in the absence of a locksmith, but in practice, without this tool, your efforts will be in vain. Of course, even if you do have this instrument, nothing guarantees that you will succeed in your attempt. Therefore, just in case, locate a dedicated company that operates in this domain, just so you have whom to call in case you find yourself in a situation of this kind. Luckily, due to the popularity of the problem, there are more than enough options you can choose from. If you are looking for a piece of advice, collaborate with Abacus Auto Locksmith. This company is prepared to handle all situations in the appropriate manner, making it simple for the client to continue his journey.