Porsche 911 GT3

If you are a fan of sports cars that can reach top speeds in no time, then you should find a few minutes in reading a few facts about the Porsche 911 GT3. We all know that when it comes to Porsche this company is a real leader in the industry of powerful cars. And if you are passionate by race cars this car launched by Porsche will surely be among your top preferences in matter of sports cars. You should know this car has a more performance attribute if we should compare it to its predecessor car models. And there is no wonder you will find the best features in this car as it is the latest in line of the Porsche’s 911 car models. This car’s body style features a two-door coupe which makes it an aerodynamic car. The aerodynamic aspect is quite important in ensuring this car high performance while speeding up. And since we are talking about the most powerful cars given by Porsche the design and technical performance of this car model are a clear proof of a genuine designed car.

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The Porsche 911 GT3 features a six speed manual transmission. The manual gearbox of this car featuring a 3.6 liter engine is more suitable for cars which are specially designed for racing. The reason the GT3 has this type of transmission seems to be attributed to a more reliable and durable characteristic of the manual gearbox. The 3.6-litre H6 engine type of this car is capable of delivering about 380 horsepower and this is the main characteristic that makes this car be among the top racing cars. The top speed of this car is of 194 mph and it can reach 62 miles per hour in about 4 seconds.

The design this car gets in its interior follows a great taste and makes it stand in line with other luxury cars.

You should know the GT3 has won 24 different racing competitions that come to be a standing proof of its efficient driving performance. With this racing car you will find out that the power a car can deliver is as important as the steering system and the design it gets. And the Porsche 911 GT3 seems to have all the characteristics a powerful car needs in order to ensure a safe and pleasant driving experience. If you are a fan of this brand you are guaranteed to appreciate this car aerodynamics and high performance while driving it.

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