NASCAR’s Gen-6 Car

NASCAR has slowly but quickly turned from a sport into a mainstream obsession. This sport has surpassed NHL as the fourth most popular sport into the U.S and its popularity is increasing across the globe as well. If you have never watched a NASCAR race, it is hard to imagine the thrill of such an experience. However, once you have watched a race, you inevitably become addicted to this amazing sport and you might even want to wager a few race bets. However, whether you are into race betting, you are a passionate gear fan or you simply enjoy the beauty of this sport, you certainly will want to hear more about the GEN-6 car and the new NASCAR rules.

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  • The purpose of the Gen-6 program

It has been almost 6 years since NASCAR has implemented any major changes. Gen 6 is a research program which aims to improve the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series by encouraging competitive upgrades and by helping race car manufacturers to re-establish their brand identities. The program brings a lot of car upgrades and several new rules.

  • Gen-6 car

The Generation-6 car includes numerous upgrades such as spoiler sizes, new splinters and many more. Chevrolet SS, Toyota Camry and Ford Fusion represent the first entries in the Gen-6 program. Each car has suffered dramatic style changes. While the purpose of the program was to encourage manufacturers to work on their performance features, it is also important for each brand to strongly define the uniqueness of their styles. Less obvious changes include a lower minimum weight of 3,300 pounds, a taller spoiler and camber rules. These new changes will definitely make the new racing season more unpredictable which will be both a thrill and a challenge for race betting fans. In a nutshell,  all of the upgrades are meant to result in better racing experiences and an increased competition between automotive manufacturers.

  • Gen-6 rules

The new racing season doesn’t just come with new cars but also with new rules. Betting enthusiasts should consider the new rules carefully before placing any bets on the new racing season. As far as the Sprint Cup Series go, the drivers who finish 39-43, will receive $4,000 less than the drivers ahead of them. This new rule is meant to encourage the competition between the cars at the back of the pack. Furthermore, time trials are focusing on speed more than anything else and are rewarding the 36 fastest drivers. A new rule also brings back the testing process which was initially banned in 2009. The testing process is reinforced due to the addition of the Gen-6 car and each organization will be allowed to hold 4 separate testing sessions.

As you can see, we are looking at a new era of the NASCAR races. The Gen-6 program has encouraged the drivers and organizations to freely express their opinions regarding the new changes, in order for NASCAR to continue to improve the program in the following months. Overall, most drivers were satisfied by the Gen-6 car which is not only faster but also more imposing. One thing is for sure, all race betting fans and car enthusiasts are eager to see how the new racing season will unfold.