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Everything you need to know about Holden Astra

Holden has taken a step towards the future with their new Astra range. Holden has outdone itself with the unique design of the auto vehicles. With a fresh and modern aspect, these cars will impress you as soon as you take a glimpse of them. As soon as you search online for Holden Astra Melbourne, you will be won over by the car’s distinctive aspect. If you are contemplating whether to choose this type of car or not, a few pieces of information may help you in your decision.

Everything you need to know about Holden Astra

Holden Astra VXR

As soon as you step foot in this car, you will be highly impressed. After you open the door of the vehicle, you will discover a modern design that can only be a driver’s dream. The pricing of such a car is a keen one, this being a huge advantage. This model will sharpen your driving experience, without any doubt. You will benefit from adjustable suspension and sports seats. Satellite navigation is incorporated in the car, and this can only be a plus. The Holden Astra VXR has proven itself to be a safe car, and can be easily driven by anyone. It reaches 100 km per hour in only 6.4 seconds with an engine of 2.0 litre 4-cyl turbo. The grip of the stir is ample and as soon as you will drive it, you will notice its linear steering. The engine of 2.0 litre that the VXR has, is considered to be impressively powerful.  Its transmission is 6 speed man. The car is characterized by its power delivery, and will meet the expectation of any sports car fan.

Holden Astra GTC Sport

This model of Holden Astra will take your breath away as soon as you see it. The model can be described as both elegant and modern, with features that any driver would desire. The steering is electric and power assisted. What it is appealing to this particular model is that it has the ideal safety pack. It is not only have the usually front airbags, but also front side ones, and curtain airbags. Its safety package also includes ABS, break assistant, electronic brake force distribution and traction control. The seatbelts are ones with load limiters and dual pretensioners. Therefore, in terms of protecting the driver, the model has all it needs, making it as safe as possible. The care is properly equipped with all the right features, such as 19-inch alloy wheels or electric park brake. The car will meet the expectation of every car enthusiast out there and especially for the sports car fans. The sport body kit includes all the right elements, such as lower spoiler edges. Beyond all the features that it comes with, the car will impress every driver with its design and ease of driving.

Besides the two models mentioned above, the Astra range of Holden is the perfect car choice, regardless of the model. Being equipped with all the elements a car should have, you could not be disappointed of these vehicles.

Towing companies: three aspects any driver should consider

Unfortunately, there comes a point in which towing you car to the nearest auto shop is the only viable solution. It might be unpleasant, but it is the only way out of a messy situation. However, there are a few rules that all drivers should know about choosing the right such company.


Towing companies: unpleasant, but necessary

TA041113-Weather4.jpg TORONTO, ONTARIO: April 11, 2013 - Firefighters and a tow truck attend to a traffic accident on the Don Valley Parkway on an unseasonably rainy and snowy spring day in Toronto, Ontario, April 11, 2013. (Tyler Anderson/National Post) (For Toronto) //NATIONAL POST STAFF PHOTO

For a number of reasons, the services of a towing company appear to be necessary. Quite frankly, these are the kind of businesses that will never run out of work, because drivers will always require their services. The reality is that the very thought of having your vehicle towed is rather unpleasant, as all that comes to mind is how your car will be scratched or hit. However, if you trusted the company you collaborated with, then all those negative thoughts would quickly disappear. If you are interested in a suggestion in terms of a dedicated company, click here and see where it leads you. Here are a few aspects that all drivers should be well aware of when choosing the towing company.


Experience in the field


There is nothing complicated about towing. All it takes is mastering that machine with the help of which the vehicle is safely towed to the destination. However, this does not happen overnight. It takes some time before the driver gets accustomed, so you might want to choose a company that has been operating on this field for a significant amount of time. Also, a highly trained, skillful staff will quickly complete the task and you will be on your way sooner than you thought.


Variety in services


The car doesn’t just break down. Usually there is a logical explanation for which the vehicle no longer starts. Whether some engine problems are responsible or you have run out of gas, you should find adequate help coming from the towing company itself. Thus, when searching for the right such company for your needs you might want to study the list of services a bit. See if the team in question could offer you the technical assistance you are in need of apart from the actual towing services.


Always consider cost


Some say that quality and professionalism cost. This rule might apply in the towing field as well, but drivers should always consider rates. You should keep in mind that apart from this service there may be other expenses to cover. There are dedicated companies, which you can trust to deliver professional services at affordable rates. Make sure you consider this aspect when conducting your search.


These three aspects that you definitely have to keep in mind as far this particular field is concerned. Still, since such problems tend to appear without any notice, you don’t always have the time to conduct a search. Sometimes, you have to decide on the spot.


Steps to buying a used car

When first deciding to buy a used car, there are a few things that you should think of and do in order to get the car you want and the price you want. The first thing you should think of is how much you can afford to spend, because even if you want to buy a used Mercedes Ottawa, it might still be too expensive for your budget. If you are planning to ask for financing, you should think of how much you can afford to pay monthly and it should help you make an idea about what car you can afford to buy. You’ll want to look around for the best financing options. Most dealerships offer financing options but there are often lower interest loans available from other lending institutions. For example, according to the loan professionals at BB&T, “home equity loans and lines of credit carry lower interest rates than typical auto loans and can be repaid over a longer term.” While it may take extra time, finding the right financing option can save you a lot of money on interest in the long run. The next thing you should think of is what you are planning to do with that car. Will it be a family car, a work car or do you want to race with it? Each answer will provide with various options and lead you to the right decision.

Steps to buying a used car

The next step is to check the prices of the car model you are interested in just to see how the market usually goes and how much you can expect to pay for it. This will offer you an idea of what you can negotiate later on and if something that you see has indeed a good price or if you are being ripped off. After that, you need to start looking for professional dealerships. You should look for reviews to be sure you choose something reliable. You may find the vehicle you are interested in several dealerships, in which case you need to start doing comparisons to determine which vehicle is the best choice. Surely, you should always go for a test drive before buying a car, just to be sure you are buying what was advertised and that the car does not have any hidden problems you were not told of.

You should always check the vehicle history report before buying any car, no matter how well it looks or drives. This report will tell you how many owners the car has had and if it has been involved in any serious accidents or even floods that could have damaged its structure. In addition, if the car has been owned by too many people, you should also take you time and decide if it is the best choice for your needs. In case you are not very experienced with cars, always take someone with you because they might offer you useful tips along the way and spot some problems that you would not notice on your own. All that remains is to negotiate the best possible deal, no matter where you buy the car from. No price is final when it comes to used car, so whether you buy it from a private seller or from a dealership, always negotiate a little and you will surely obtain a great price. Buying a used car can be a positive experience, especially if you take your time to find something that really matches your needs and preferences.

Reasons to take your race car to a mechanic regularly

When you compete in various car races, it is very important to make sure that your car is fully functional in order to avoid any unpleasant surprises during the race. Whether you compete in professional races or you just like to race for fun, it is still advisable to keep your car well-maintained. This will offer you an edge over you competitors and allow you to be successful every time you compete. The main benefit that you gain from taking your car to a Singh Auto Seven Hills mechanic regularly is that he will be able to detect a problem from an early stage and fix it before it starts affecting other parts as well. Everything in a car is interconnected, so when something breaks, sooner or later another piece follows and so on, until you finally discover that your repairs cost much more than you would have expected.

Reasons to take your race car to a mechanic regularly

The next reason to take your race car for regular inspections is to save money. Even though it may seem like you are spending something every time you visit your mechanic, by taking care of certain problems from an early stage, you will not have to invest in major repairs and thus you will end up saving a considerable amount of money. While it is true that certain parts needs to be changed more often in a race car than in a normal vehicle, it is good to know that you can cut down on your expenses by taking your car to a mechanic on a regular basis. Racing a car requires knowing it very well. From how it reacts on the road in various weather conditions to how it sounds when you hit the gas pedal, you have to know everything about your car to feel it properly during your race. If you are not entirely sure that your car is fully functional, you might not be able to drive it with confidence during your next race. Your mechanic will be able to confirm you that everything is alright with your car and thus you will be able to drive it during any race with confidence.


For someone who has raced a few times and knows how sweet victory can, there is nothing more important than having a perfectly functional car. However, provided that you are a mechanic, you should make sure to take your car to an experienced person, who will know how to test your car and confirm you that everything is in order. When you take good care of your car, you will obtain many benefits in return. The fact that you will have the perfect vehicle in your hands to guarantee you the next victory is the best aspect of all, but you should also offer your car the respect it needs for providing you with such a great time when driving it. Winning a race implies more than just skills, it implies a good car and with the help of a professional mechanic, you could definitely have that car.

Cadillac CTS Sport Sedan

The new Cadillac CTS Sport Sedan is a perfect mixture between the American Stile and European handling. Over the past 10 years, there have been three generations of CTS, all very popular among luxury sedan consumers. The first generation had a few minor shortcomings in terms of interior design. The second generation featured some improvements that justified its advertisements as a luxury sedan. However, it was only with the third generation that the manufacturers managed to grasp a comprehensive understanding of the term luxury sedan. With numerous improvements, the new CTS Sport Sedan has now risen to the standards imposed by its competitors from across the ocean.

Cadillac CTS Sport Sedan Picture Cadillac CTS Sport Sedan Picture


Presented as a car for all seasons, the Cadillac CTS Sport Sedan was awarded the 2014 Motor Trend Car of the Year title and for good reasons. If the previous generations of CTS featured an outrageous lack of power train options, this is not the case of the 2014 CTS, which features a turbocharged 2.0 liter four cylinder engine which deliver high power as well as an impressive fuel economy. The twin turbo Vsport has taken the fight to the Germans and has actually beaten their twin turbo V-8. The 2.0 L engine delivers 272 horsepower, but if you choose the 3.6 L V6 engine, you will have the chance of enjoying 321 horsepower and 430 lb.-ft. of torque. The car also comes with performance tuned RWD or optional AWD with active torque features. The Twin Turbo V6 is paired with a 8-speed transmission, which allows the car to go from 0 to 60 miles per hour in just 4.4 seconds. Furthermore, despite the fact that performance was obviously the main factor taken into account when designing this car, safety was not ignored either. The CTS comes with multi-mode magnetic ride control, a feature which keeps the wheel firm on all terrains.


If the previous generations of CTS had serious performance problems, the same cannot be said for their design which was perfect to begin with. However, with proper improvements, the new Cadillac CTS Sport Sedan has raised the design standards for sports sedans across the world. The car now features an amazing chassis which in combination with a great body control and a lively steering makes the car very responsive to curves. The car may look as big as its direct competitors, but it is in fact hundreds of pounds lighter, thus delivering an increased performance and handling. As far as the interior goes, you can choose between 8 interior themes. Simply browse through the various choices of exotic wood and pick the one which looks the most luxurious. Combine that with anodized aluminum or carbon fiber and the hand cut and sewn leather seats and you’ve cut yourself an amazing interior.

Transponder car key technology

The transponder technology was developed in an attempt to prevent car theft. After 2002 almost all car models that came out of production were equipped with keys with an integrated transponder. In other words, in the car key fob manufacturers placed a small chip or miniature electronic processing and signaling device. The purpose of the transponder is simple and effective against theft. The chip sends an electromagnetic signal to the immobilizer control unit of the car. Without receiving this signal, the immobilizer does not give you permission to start the engine of the car making people that do not possess an original key car unable to drive away. This technology is so efficient that it even prevents owners from driving the car after they lose their keys. This is why car owners need to appeal to professional locksmith every time they lose or have their car keys stolen. The transponder keys need to be programmed by a specialist in order to function. If you wish to find out more about the services provided by an auto locksmith for people losing their original transponder car keys, you should visit the following website A professional locksmith will reprogram a replica key to send a valid signal to the immobilizer control unit car. Programming a transponder car key is not an easy thing. It is an accurate and delicate operation, so not many locksmiths can handle the task.

Transponder car key technology

A key blade is a mechanical security measure that confirms the validity of a key; while the transponder validates the key through electromagnetic signal. The transponder technology has played a major role in preventing cars from being stolen ever since its introduction on the market. However, the latest code breaking techniques have also been invented, so old transponder keys are no longer the safest measure against thefts. By using advanced computers, thieves can produce clones of the original keys and steal cars that use outdated transponder technology. The age when you could tamper with the ignition of a car has long been gone, but right now you can easily steal a car with the use of a performant computer and the know-how. This is why the latest transponder technology has focused on improving its features. Improved transponder keys have a system that does not allow cloning. Despite the efficient code breaking techniques developed over the years, the transponder technology is one step ahead.


The only problem is that many manufacturers still use outdated transponder technology making the theft threat a current issue. The main reason why the latest transponders car keys have not been adopted is the cost, but commodity also plays an important role. All in all, the transponder technology is a great invention that has prevented numerous cars from being stolen. The only inconvenient would be that you cannot longer start the ignition once you lose your car keys without the help of a capable professional locksmith. The latest transponder keys are even more efficient against car theft, because they can surpass even the most advanced code breaking techniques.


Removing broken car keys from locks

All drivers have confronted themselves with a rather common problem, the broken key. Although it is a rather stressing situation, the problem is not that serious in the sense that it is not impossible to resolve. In fact, it is rather simple. Indeed, in some cases, broken car keys require the help of an expert, more specifically the help of a locksmith. Still, before rushing to find the telephone number of a locksmith company, you might want to read a few details on how to take care of this problem by yourself. In some situations, the following indications may lead to the adequate results. Even though the key is stuck in the lock and it suddenly breaks down, here is how you should handle the entire situation.

broken car keys

The first rule is not to panic. Nothing terribly wrong will happen if you will not be able to remove the broken part of the car key by yourself. In the worst case scenario, you might have to do a bit of waiting until the lock smith appears to the scene. If you want to take care of this issue by yourself, then you should start by removing the key head. Some broken car keys might be difficult to extract, but with a bit of patience, you will eventually succeed. Once this step is completed, you should use a stick or a slim screwdriver to adequately align the lock in the key insertion position. Before passing on to the third step in the process, you should make sure that the lock is clean. To remove what is left of the key from the lock you will have to use a lubricant. On the specialized market, you will discover that there are special sprays and powders specially developed for broken car keys. By means of this lubricant, you will be able to quickly remove the tool. However, there is only one condition to properly completing the process on your own, without the help of a locksmith. You will need special tools. These are usually available in almost all car part shops.


Even if the problem of a broken car key is a very common one, very few people actually buy this tool. This is where your operation usually finds its end. In theory removing a broken key from the lock is possible in the absence of a locksmith, but in practice, without this tool, your efforts will be in vain. Of course, even if you do have this instrument, nothing guarantees that you will succeed in your attempt. Therefore, just in case, locate a dedicated company that operates in this domain, just so you have whom to call in case you find yourself in a situation of this kind. Luckily, due to the popularity of the problem, there are more than enough options you can choose from. If you are looking for a piece of advice, collaborate with Abacus Auto Locksmith. This company is prepared to handle all situations in the appropriate manner, making it simple for the client to continue his journey.


NASCAR’s Gen-6 Car

NASCAR has slowly but quickly turned from a sport into a mainstream obsession. This sport has surpassed NHL as the fourth most popular sport into the U.S and its popularity is increasing across the globe as well. If you have never watched a NASCAR race, it is hard to imagine the thrill of such an experience. However, once you have watched a race, you inevitably become addicted to this amazing sport and you might even want to wager a few race bets. However, whether you are into race betting, you are a passionate gear fan or you simply enjoy the beauty of this sport, you certainly will want to hear more about the GEN-6 car and the new NASCAR rules.

NASCAR's Gen-6 Car Picture NASCAR's Gen-6 Car Picture
  • The purpose of the Gen-6 program

It has been almost 6 years since NASCAR has implemented any major changes. Gen 6 is a research program which aims to improve the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series by encouraging competitive upgrades and by helping race car manufacturers to re-establish their brand identities. The program brings a lot of car upgrades and several new rules.

  • Gen-6 car

The Generation-6 car includes numerous upgrades such as spoiler sizes, new splinters and many more. Chevrolet SS, Toyota Camry and Ford Fusion represent the first entries in the Gen-6 program. Each car has suffered dramatic style changes. While the purpose of the program was to encourage manufacturers to work on their performance features, it is also important for each brand to strongly define the uniqueness of their styles. Less obvious changes include a lower minimum weight of 3,300 pounds, a taller spoiler and camber rules. These new changes will definitely make the new racing season more unpredictable which will be both a thrill and a challenge for race betting fans. In a nutshell,  all of the upgrades are meant to result in better racing experiences and an increased competition between automotive manufacturers.

  • Gen-6 rules

The new racing season doesn’t just come with new cars but also with new rules. Betting enthusiasts should consider the new rules carefully before placing any bets on the new racing season. As far as the Sprint Cup Series go, the drivers who finish 39-43, will receive $4,000 less than the drivers ahead of them. This new rule is meant to encourage the competition between the cars at the back of the pack. Furthermore, time trials are focusing on speed more than anything else and are rewarding the 36 fastest drivers. A new rule also brings back the testing process which was initially banned in 2009. The testing process is reinforced due to the addition of the Gen-6 car and each organization will be allowed to hold 4 separate testing sessions.

As you can see, we are looking at a new era of the NASCAR races. The Gen-6 program has encouraged the drivers and organizations to freely express their opinions regarding the new changes, in order for NASCAR to continue to improve the program in the following months. Overall, most drivers were satisfied by the Gen-6 car which is not only faster but also more imposing. One thing is for sure, all race betting fans and car enthusiasts are eager to see how the new racing season will unfold.

2013 Chevrolet Camaro – NASCAR

Chevrolet has already released the photographs of the 2013 Chevrolet Camaro, which will be taking part in the 2013 NASCAR Nationwide Series. This new entry should not be confused with the SS Sedan that Chevrolet still has to release and which is expected to be used in the 2014 Sprint Cup series.

It is about time that Chevrolet joined the fray, considering that Ford’s 2013 Fusion NASCAR has been digitized for CFD testing and the introduction of the 2013 Dodge Charger NASCAR. NASCAR changed the rules for 2013, allowing car manufacturers to enter a car that closely resembles the actual production. So, Chevrolet came up with the new Camaro. While it shares some likeness with the actual production Camaro, it still has a long way to go before it becomes identical to it. Nonetheless, NASCAR and motorsport fans will now have a reason to celebrate and try and buy it.


If you are a NASCAR and motorsport fan, you already know how important is to have a secure vehicle. Making sure your vehicle is secured should be the top priority. This is the reason why quality security equipment vehicle is a must and you must never compromise on it. None of the vehicles in NASCAR take vehicle security lightly and neither should you.

About the 2013 Chevrolet Camaro NASCAR

Until Ford and Dodge, Chevrolet will not be entering is new Camaro in the Sprint Cup event. It will be competing at the Nationwide Series event and that is why it has been built and designed differently to undertake the rigors of the event. The 2013 Chevrolet Camaro has a distinctive style that makes it standout. This includes the innovative power bulge hood, the deep-recessed grille, dual port grille, gold bowtie and halo light rings.

The 2013 Chevrolet Camaro NASCAR will make its first appearance at Daytona, which will host the first race of the Nationwide series in 2013. However, engineers from Chevrolet will still be working hard to hone the vehicle for the competition next year by putting it through wind tunnel and conducting track tests.


If you are not familiar with NASCAR events, here is some information. NASCAR has two racing series, the Sprint Cup that allows cars that produce 850 hp and the Nationwide that allows cars that produce 650 hp. Sprint Cup has cars, such as Ford Fusion, Chevrolet SS and Dodge Charge; while the Nationwide competition will see the likes of Ford Mustang, Dodge Challenger and of course, the 2013 Chevrolet Camaro. Chevrolet also enters the Camry in the Nationwide series; however, the reason for Chevy’s entry has been attributed to the fact that Toyota is not producing coupes.

2013 Chevrolet Sonic

The new 2013 Chevrolet Sonic is a subcompact car very appreciated for its aerodynamics, fuel efficiency, design and comfort. With its 1.8 liter engine and 138 horsepower, this car is also a great choice for speed aficionados; it has a six-speed manual transmission, but those who can afford more expenses can opt for a six-speed automatic and an additional and optional 1.4-liter turbocharged engine. The 2013 Chevrolet Sonic is fitted with the standard 10 airbags and reviews praise it for its quietness and smoothness in responding to commands.

2013 Chevrolet Sonic 2013 Chevrolet Sonic Pictures

The 2013 Chevrolet Sonic comes in sedan and hatchback versions, and both designs differ in the way the doors and overall appearance were approached. The hatchback Chevy is fitted with hidden rear door handles, making the back doors seem invisible. Some aspects that Chevrolet amateurs might like are the Bluetooth connectivity and the voice controls, brought in with the help of the MyLink system which is also fitted with a touchscreen. These additions are also optional, but it is sure many buyers will prefer them. The base 2013 Chevrolet Sonic models are the LS, the LT and the LTZ, followed by the sportier version, the Sonic RS which has an improved performance.

What’s great about the new line of 2013 Chevrolet Sonic vehicles is their aggressive and powerful design which invites you behind the wheels for a spin. We also appreciated the elegant and smart interior design, as well as the alloy wheels. As for each model in particular, we’ll see what makes them special. First off, the hatchback LS is fitted with the standard 1.8 liter-engine and five-speed manual transmission; it also has air conditioning, keyless entry and power locks and includes the Bluetooth system. Secondly, the hatchback LT has all that plus a CD player which can read MP3s and it completed by six speakers. Buyers of the LT will also enjoy satellite radio, premium cloth trim, heated exterior mirrors and rear floor mats.

Whereas the LS is fitted with 15-inch alloy wheels, the LT jumps up to 16-inch wheels. Thirdly, we have the hatchback LTZ, which has all the above mentioned qualities, including some of its own, like heated front seats, upgraded stereo, leather-wrapped steering wheel and many others. As for the RS model, it comes with a lowered suspension, rear disc brakes and six-speed automatic transmission. All in all, we are convinced that the new 2013 Chevrolet Sonic will find admirers amongst all types of people, thanks to the fact that it tries to satisfy all needs.

2013 Chevrolet Sonic Pictures Gallery

Volvo V60

The Volvo V60 is a compact executive station wagon produced and manufactured in Sweden. Volvo has a long history of spacious, family-oriented cars, but the V60 has some new features that might impress future drivers. The Volvo V60 is based on the Volvo S60, a concept car presented in 2009 at the Detroit Motor Show. Reviews didn’t rush to praise this car, but nobody could deny that it has its advantages and qualities. First of all, besides being spacious, the new seats are incredibly comfortable and supportive, and the rear seats can fit three people comfortably, or a lot of luggage.

Volvo V60 Volvo V60 Pictures

Secondly, what’s great about Volvos in general and about Volvo V60 is that safety is always one of the priorities. One can determine this by observing the City Safety auto-braking system, as well as the newly-added radar with incorporated video camera which are fitted with collision warning and pedestrian detection systems. These will not only help the driver drive safer, but parking and other more complex maneuvers will become easier thanks to them. Another detail is the optional adaptive cruise control, very useful for long-hour drives. The front camera is also fitted with a sensor which detects the people in front of the car and which automatically brakes unless the driver does it in time.

Its 2.4-liter five-cylinder engine with six-speed automatic transmission makes the Volvo V60 really easy to drive and maneuver. Thanks to its added sports mode, this car is a pleasant drive for family types but for speed amateurs as well, while taking care of everyone’s safety. However, those with more classical preferences can opt for a six-speed manual transmission and a less powerful engine with a 1.6-liter capacity. Its 18-inch wheels make the Volvo V60 a stable and balanced car and easy to handle and control. The braking system is very reliable too, even more so than the steering and thanks to the auto-brake this Volvo considerably reduces chances of accidents.

Theoretically, the Volvo V60 has about 205 horsepower at 4,000 rotations per minute and a net weight of 309 pounds. The registered top speed was 143 miles per hour, and the car can reach from 0 to 62 mph in 7.9 seconds. As for price, this Volvo variant is neither here nor there, with most reviews deeming it a fair estimate of the car’s value. However, the same reviews sometimes indicate other brand cars from the same category as being better in certain ways. The future alone will tell how the Volvo V60 can cope on the long term.

Volvo V60 Pictures Gallery

2013 Porsche Cayman

There is no wonder people appreciate powerful cars as they put innovative characteristics in their design and performance. If you are currently searching the sites for great cars that are capable of delivering more power on the road and also ensure you all the comfort you need while driving the streets, then you should take a look at the 2013 Porsche Cayman. Porsche is a well known brand that is appreciated all over the world for its desire to put more power and stability in its sports cars. This leader in the industry of cars is also known to deliver great cars which participate in different racing competitions and always win a prize for their power capabilities.

2013 Porsche Cayman 2013 Porsche Cayman Pictures

The first model of Porsche Cayman launched by Porsche was meant to be something in between the 911 car model and the Boxster model. The car concept took some design and performance characteristics from both its predecessors and was first released in 2006. But the thing that makes the 2013 Porsche Cayman different is given by a more powerful engine. And actually we are talking about two of them, as this car was first launched with a 2.7-litre flat six engine and a 3.4-litre flat six engine. They boosted out about 245 horsepower and respectively 295 horsepower.

The gearbox was first created with a five speed manual transmission or the car could get some Tiptronic gearboxes of five speed transmission.

What you need to know more about this car is that it offers a great stability no matter the condition of the surfaces you are driving your car on. And this fact is due to the fact this car gets an active suspension management which makes this car to have an impressive holding on road no matter how curved the road it is. So, if you want to drive fast and also get stability no matter the road you are following this car can be the best option.

During the years this car has been changed and improved in order to get a design and performance that has become way better than the 911’s and the Boxster’s.

These days the 2013 Porsche Cayman gets a lighter body and comes in many other colors than the first metallic colors it was released with. Moreover, there are improvements made in this car’s power and gearboxes that give this Porsche even more power. A 7-speed double clutch PDK gearbox is replacing now the Tiptronic gearboxes and the wheels are made wider as well as the brakes.

Latest Nissan Sentra 2013

If you want to totally surprise a loved one, a shocking gift for women can be buying them a car! Choose a special occasion, such as Mother’s Day, and a great brand of automobiles. Nissan has already got us accustomed with high-quality, if not high performing vehicles each year, and this year doesn’t seem to be an exception. One particular attraction from Nissan in 2013 will be a revisiting of one of its older concepts, the Sentra. Our review of the latest Sentra is based on accurate information about the cars specifications and accomplishments.


The new Nissan Sentra 2013 features slight exterior transformations compared to last years’ version, such as the fact that its wheelbase has been increased with 0.6 inches and its overall length has been increased by 2.3 inches. This means that the driver will have a much more pleasant experience, thanks to the increased legroom and the comfortable, cushy seats. What’s great about this sporty car is that they also managed to reduce its weight with an impressive 150 pounds, which makes it even easier to handle in tricky situation or short corners.

What we and any mother on the globe will really enjoy about this shocking gift for women is the fact that the Nissan Sentra 2013 has a change of interior, which looks much slicker and cooler now. The designer team avoided any straight lines for the dashboard, making it symmetrical and user-friendly though. All the controls are within easy reach and are truly oriented to help the driver. There have been some changes under the hood as well, so future buyers of the Nissan Sentra 2013 may be interested to find out that all three versions of the Sentra that will be available – the S, FE+S and SV –, are fitted with 1.8 liter four-cylinder engines. All three will also feature the same 130 horsepower but only the S, which is also the cheapest variant at approximately $15, 990 USD, is fitted with manual transmission, whereas the others have Standard Xtronic CVT® Transmission.

Other options that the Nissan Sentra will feature, depending on the model, are powered windows, door locks, air conditioning, rear spoiler, underbody aerodynamics, resistance tires and Audio and Cruise Controls mounted on the steering-wheel. All three models of the Nissan Sentra 2013 are also fitted with LED headlights and, if testing was accurate, they can reach 60mph in less than 9.2 seconds, which is more than you can ask from an all-purpose car like this, which also offers you a sporty, exciting experience behind the wheel.

2013 Lexus LFA

If you are searching the sites for top brands that give cars which can address to every need in matter of engine capability and power, then you should take your time in reading some important things about the 2013 Lexus LFA. As you might know Lexus is a part of Toyota’s corporation. We know Toyota usually specializes in manufacturing family-cars or city cars that are meant to address a wide range of needs and requirements in matter of cars. But lately this branded company seems to be more and more interested in manufacturing sports automobiles that can respond to some people’s needs of luxurious and more powerful cars. Lexus represents the division that specializes in making the dream of unique and faster cars real and is currently manufacturing some super-cars many people dream of having in their garage.

2013 Lexus LFA 2013 Lexus LFA Pictures

If you decide on having this Lexus LFA, you will get a car that features a great design and also offers you all the comfort you need in a two-seat sports car. You should know that a standard LFA includes almost everything you need in this car from tires for the summer, brakes made of carbon-ceramic and a high technology navigation system to a DVD changer featuring six settings, Bluetooth and USB or iPod audio interface.

The 2013 Lexus LFA has a 4.8-liter V10 engine which is capable of giving 552 horsepower.

This car manufacturer has taken some measures for making it lighter than its predecessors and in order to make that happen this sports car got some replacements in some places where the steel was used for its components. The fabrics that were used for this car are referring to some reinforced plastic of carbon fibers. The brakes have also been made of carbon ceramic in order to make them lighter compared to the ones that were previously manufactured of steel. The fact this car has a lighter body is easily noticed in its capability to go from 0 to 60 miles per hour in about 3.7 seconds. If you need to know which is the top speed of this luxury car you should find out it is of 202 mph. The fact this car’s body has been made lighter has also good results in the 2013 Lexus LFA fuel consumption which is great for a person who wants a luxury car that also saves on fuel.

If you still need something more in this car, you can feel free in choosing additional features than the standard ones and you can opt for different options in the leather interior or for some additional power for the engine.

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2013 Porsche 911 S

Men have always been attracted to powerful cars that are also featuring a great design. And with the 2013 Porsche 911 S they have even more reasons to appreciate more power in a car that gives them plenty of great features everyone would want in a car.

2013 Porsche 911 S 2013 Porsche 911 S Pictures

For the next year Porsche comes with a coupe of the new generation that will make all men want to drive it. This Porsche 911 S is a combination of modernity with tradition and it features a great design with unique contours that makes this car to be among the most wanted cars in the world. Porsche has put more stability in its new coupe improving its wheel aspect which features a wheelbase of 10 mm. The stability of this car can be seen while driving it at high speed and having to follow driver precise commands. Its bigger wheels and aerodynamic design will suit every man’s needs in matter of powerful and stable cars.

The new 2013 Porsche 911 S features also a Powerkit and a PDK transmission which activated in the Sport-Plus Mode make this car reach 60 miles in about 4 seconds. If you wonder about the top speed of this car then you will be more than excited to find out that this car can easily reach 192 mph. The Powerkit which represents a new feature of this coupe has been demonstrated not to affect the fuel consumption of this car. So if you should choose a car why not going for this Porsche coupe which gives you more innovative characteristics in matter of horsepower and keeps your car fuel consumption in the limits of the other car models belonging to Porsche. You will find out even a new featuring design of the exhaust system in this car which adds to the uniqueness of this car aspect. Great features you will find even in the interior of this car. The advanced navigation system will be of great help for every driver and the high resolution screen will also add to the unique technology of this coupe.

You should find out that the 2013 Porsche 911 S features a 3.8-litre engine which boosts 400 hp. And if you are wondering about the fuel efficiency of this car, you should know the brand company has put innovative features in its technical mechanism which make this car consume about ten liters of fuel for about 100 km. Technical features like the auto stop and start mechanism and the electrical system recuperation will contribute to the savings of this car fuel consumption.

2013 Porsche 911 S Pictures Gallery

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