2013 Porsche Cayman

There is no wonder people appreciate powerful cars as they put innovative characteristics in their design and performance. If you are currently searching the sites for great cars that are capable of delivering more power on the road and also ensure you all the comfort you need while driving the streets, then you should take a look at the 2013 Porsche Cayman. Porsche is a well known brand that is appreciated all over the world for its desire to put more power and stability in its sports cars. This leader in the industry of cars is also known to deliver great cars which participate in different racing competitions and always win a prize for their power capabilities.

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The first model of Porsche Cayman launched by Porsche was meant to be something in between the 911 car model and the Boxster model. The car concept took some design and performance characteristics from both its predecessors and was first released in 2006. But the thing that makes the 2013 Porsche Cayman different is given by a more powerful engine. And actually we are talking about two of them, as this car was first launched with a 2.7-litre flat six engine and a 3.4-litre flat six engine. They boosted out about 245 horsepower and respectively 295 horsepower.

The gearbox was first created with a five speed manual transmission or the car could get some Tiptronic gearboxes of five speed transmission.

What you need to know more about this car is that it offers a great stability no matter the condition of the surfaces you are driving your car on. And this fact is due to the fact this car gets an active suspension management which makes this car to have an impressive holding on road no matter how curved the road it is. So, if you want to drive fast and also get stability no matter the road you are following this car can be the best option.

During the years this car has been changed and improved in order to get a design and performance that has become way better than the 911’s and the Boxster’s.

These days the 2013 Porsche Cayman gets a lighter body and comes in many other colors than the first metallic colors it was released with. Moreover, there are improvements made in this car’s power and gearboxes that give this Porsche even more power. A 7-speed double clutch PDK gearbox is replacing now the Tiptronic gearboxes and the wheels are made wider as well as the brakes.