2013 Porsche 911 S

Men have always been attracted to powerful cars that are also featuring a great design. And with the 2013 Porsche 911 S they have even more reasons to appreciate more power in a car that gives them plenty of great features everyone would want in a car.

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For the next year Porsche comes with a coupe of the new generation that will make all men want to drive it. This Porsche 911 S is a combination of modernity with tradition and it features a great design with unique contours that makes this car to be among the most wanted cars in the world. Porsche has put more stability in its new coupe improving its wheel aspect which features a wheelbase of 10 mm. The stability of this car can be seen while driving it at high speed and having to follow driver precise commands. Its bigger wheels and aerodynamic design will suit every man’s needs in matter of powerful and stable cars.

The new 2013 Porsche 911 S features also a Powerkit and a PDK transmission which activated in the Sport-Plus Mode make this car reach 60 miles in about 4 seconds. If you wonder about the top speed of this car then you will be more than excited to find out that this car can easily reach 192 mph. The Powerkit which represents a new feature of this coupe has been demonstrated not to affect the fuel consumption of this car. So if you should choose a car why not going for this Porsche coupe which gives you more innovative characteristics in matter of horsepower and keeps your car fuel consumption in the limits of the other car models belonging to Porsche. You will find out even a new featuring design of the exhaust system in this car which adds to the uniqueness of this car aspect. Great features you will find even in the interior of this car. The advanced navigation system will be of great help for every driver and the high resolution screen will also add to the unique technology of this coupe.

You should find out that the 2013 Porsche 911 S features a 3.8-litre engine which boosts 400 hp. And if you are wondering about the fuel efficiency of this car, you should know the brand company has put innovative features in its technical mechanism which make this car consume about ten liters of fuel for about 100 km. Technical features like the auto stop and start mechanism and the electrical system recuperation will contribute to the savings of this car fuel consumption.

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