2013 Lexus LFA

If you are searching the sites for top brands that give cars which can address to every need in matter of engine capability and power, then you should take your time in reading some important things about the 2013 Lexus LFA. As you might know Lexus is a part of Toyota’s corporation. We know Toyota usually specializes in manufacturing family-cars or city cars that are meant to address a wide range of needs and requirements in matter of cars. But lately this branded company seems to be more and more interested in manufacturing sports automobiles that can respond to some people’s needs of luxurious and more powerful cars. Lexus represents the division that specializes in making the dream of unique and faster cars real and is currently manufacturing some super-cars many people dream of having in their garage.

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If you decide on having this Lexus LFA, you will get a car that features a great design and also offers you all the comfort you need in a two-seat sports car. You should know that a standard LFA includes almost everything you need in this car from tires for the summer, brakes made of carbon-ceramic and a high technology navigation system to a DVD changer featuring six settings, Bluetooth and USB or iPod audio interface.

The 2013 Lexus LFA has a 4.8-liter V10 engine which is capable of giving 552 horsepower.

This car manufacturer has taken some measures for making it lighter than its predecessors and in order to make that happen this sports car got some replacements in some places where the steel was used for its components. The fabrics that were used for this car are referring to some reinforced plastic of carbon fibers. The brakes have also been made of carbon ceramic in order to make them lighter compared to the ones that were previously manufactured of steel. The fact this car has a lighter body is easily noticed in its capability to go from 0 to 60 miles per hour in about 3.7 seconds. If you need to know which is the top speed of this luxury car you should find out it is of 202 mph. The fact this car’s body has been made lighter has also good results in the 2013 Lexus LFA fuel consumption which is great for a person who wants a luxury car that also saves on fuel.

If you still need something more in this car, you can feel free in choosing additional features than the standard ones and you can opt for different options in the leather interior or for some additional power for the engine.

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