2013 ATS Sport 1000

Ultimate sports cars and racing fans are probably in a haze after learning about the launch of a new impressive car, the 2013 ATS Sport 1000, a speed baby which will be road legal, at least for those who can afford it. Most people, even those truly passionate about cars, may not have heard of ATS before. This is an Italian car manufacturer best known in the racing world, and its name’s initials stand for Automobili Turismo e Sport. The manufacturer only activated in the 1960s, but now it has been awakened to come up with the 2013 ATS Sport 1000.

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Weighing a mere 400 kilograms or 882 pounds, this car’s features were influenced and inspired from the Radical SR3, a great champion of racing competitions worldwide. The 2013 ATS Sport 1000 is a few inches narrower and longer than the SR3 and was fitted with an extractor for ground effect, something that has never been done before for road cars but which is common with racing cars. Other features that make this car so light and at the same time a jewel in the history of car-making are its billet aluminum hubs, its double wishbone suspension, limited slip differential and stainless-steel frame.

With its three-piece body and six-piston brakes, the 2013 ATS Sport 1000 is also concerned with the safety of its driver, which is why it is fitted with a front honeycomb crash box, a collapsible steering column and a 50 mm rollbar. Now any normal driver can really feel like a racecar driver feels, as long as they find a good space to test it without injuring themselves or others. Another aspect we should have added to convince you of the authenticity of this car are its six-point racing harnesses, which will make you feel both cool and safe while driving.

However, we’ve saved the best part of this new project for last. The 2013 ATS Sport 1000 will be fitted with motorcycle engines of the purchaser’s choice. Indeed, those who will decide to buy this car will be allowed to choose whichever type of motorcycle engine they prefer or can afford, from the options the makers offer: Yamaha R1 engines, Suzuki Hayabusa engines and Honda CBR engines. For those also passionate with mechanics and assembly, ATS offers the cheaper option of buying the car in pieces and assembling it yourself. The basic price will be somewhere around the sum of 32,000 USD which may seem a bit steep, but something tells us many fans won’t scare away for that.

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