2012 Audi A6

If you were waiting for the new 2012 Audi A6 your waiting ended last year when Audi launched it on the market. The new model is called Audi A6 Sedan and it is a very smart car, it is a combination between a sporty chassis, light body, an amazing multimedia system and a large assistance package. If you are looking for a hybrid car this is the one you should be taking into consideration because it is a great combination between the V6 engine with four cylinders and the fuel efficiency feature. This model is expected to be in demand because it is efficient and smart.

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The 2012 Audi A6 is mostly made out of aluminum and high tech steel which makes it safe and light. The materials used to make this model are amazing because when you are driving you do not hear the noise coming from the engine. The A6 has the following measurements: 4.92 meters in length, 1.87 meters wide and 1.46 meters in height. As you can tell from the measurements the car is sporty. The interior of the car is roomy and it matches the exterior. The style of the interior was inspired from the design of the exterior. All the materials from the interior were picked with great care. The control panel from the front is made out of wood and the seats from the front have a couple of options incorporated: you can get a massage while you are driving the car or sitting in the passenger seat and ventilation.

The model is very classy and it offers the buyer to choose from a wide range of drivetrains. No matter what type of engine you choose the model offers you a six speed transmission, the variable multitronic and the S tronic.

What makes the 2012 Audi A6 different from the other cars from the series is the fact that it is sporty and it is very easy to drive. If you want a classy car and efficient then this is the model that you should consider. If you want to see it all you have to do is search for a dealership near you and ask for a test drive. We are sure that the minute you start the engine you will fall in love with it. For more information you should visit Audi’s website or go talk to a salesman.

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