2012 Aston Martin Virage

The new 2012 Aston Martin Vintage is now present on the market and it a sports car powerful yet elegant. The producer is now able to reach the costumers with different characters but keeping the element representative to Aston Martin. This model is the perfect combination between a luxurious car and a sports car. What makes the Aston Martin Virage a sports car is the amazing V12 engine with a capacity of 6 liters and 490 bhp power. This engine helps the driver reach high speed faster and easier than the other models released by Aston Martin.

As we have mentioned earlier the 2012 Aston Martin Virage has a V 12 engine with 570 Nm of torque. The model has special transmission called Touchtronic II, it is automatic and has six speeds. The dynamic of the model has been tuned in order to offer the driver the best driving experience. The driving panel has a special button called sport which allows the driver to change the speeds faster and it allows the driver to get a faster throttle response from the car. If you buy the standard model you will get the Carbon Ceramic Matrix which are amazing, this type of brakes make the car stop faster and gives the driver the possibility to progressive stop safe. The disks from the breaks are made out of iron and they are lighter than the normal breaks. Because they are lighter the car is lighter which means a better balance during driving and handling the car.

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The control panel of the 2012 Aston Martin Virage is very simple and easy to use. The most important thing here is the navigation system which is controlled through satellite. This amazing navigation system was developed together with Garmin. The display of the navigation system is of 6.5 inch and it is very easy to navigate on. If you buy a standard model you will also receive seats that heat up, satellite navigation, cruise control and full iPod integration. As you can see this model offers a lot of stuff even if you buy just the standard model. If you want to find out more information you should go to a dealership near you are ask a salesmen for details. You should also take it for a test drive if they have the model in store just to get an idea on how the Aston Martin Virage works.

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