10 DIY Car Detailing Tips

Vehicles are large investments that we all easily grow attached to as we enter into contact with them on a daily basis. Thus, for any car owner, it’s important to protect this valuable purchase and keep it in a good shape for as long as possible. Cars must be fixed for various mechanical issues, but these tasks are handled by professionals. Fortunately, the vehicle’s appearance is a task that you can easily take care of your own, not being mandatory to take the car to a service for scratches, small dents, or other similar issues. In the following, we will show you 10 fast and easy car detailing tasks that you can perform on your own, at home.
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#1 – Remove small paint scratches

Small scratches always appear on the car’s exterior, regardless of how careful you are with the vehicle. Kids who play in parking lots might unintentionally scratch the paint, or gravel might even fly out of a truck that you drive behind and damage the paint. When these scratches appear, use a car scratch remover to restore the vehicle to its former condition. After you apply the remover, you can even polish the car’s exterior to make sure that no imperfections are left behind.

#2 – Deep-clean the carpet

Carpets get dirty the fastest as you bring in dirt and grime from the outside on them. When autumn comes and the rain starts, the situation gets even messier as your shoes are always dirty when you get in the car, no matter how much you try to avoid bringing dirt inside of the vehicle. To clean them, spray the carpets with a solution that you prepare with water and a carpet cleaner, and suck the dirt with a special carpet cleaning machine.
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#3 – Scrape off the stickers

Most car owners put at least one sticker on the vehicle at one point. If you’re tired of the stickers and you want to remove them, you can either easily pull them off or, in case they leave a gummy residue, you can scrape them off. It might take a bit more time and effort in this case, but it needs to be done.

#4 – Freshen up the interior

Tobacco smoke leaves a really nasty smell in vehicles, a smell that bothers smokers and non-smokers alike. If you or someone that rides with you is a smoker, you know how unpleasant the air inside the vehicle gets. Just buy an aerosol can specially manufactured for handling this problem and lightly spray the entire interior of the car with it. Turn on the fan and turn on the recirculation mode for the spray to be dispersed throughout the entire car.
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#5 – Repair paint chips

Small chips always appear due to various incidents that can’t really be avoided. These small chips must be taken care of as soon as they appear to not let rust appear and ruin the car’s appearance. What you must do is to simply buy a special solution and do the necessary touch-ups as soon as you notice the chips.

#6 – Wash the vinyl and plastic parts

All interior parts of the car get dirty at one point, that’s for sure. Wash all of the vinyl and plastic parts with a specialized soap. Afterward, scrub it with a scuff pad, making sure that you put extra effort into the textured areas. When you’re done, wipe the surfaces with a damp cloth and let them dry off.
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#7 – Handle squeaky doors

Car doors eventually start squeaking as time passes due to the corrosion that appears in the hinges. This is an inevitable problem that appears as time passes. Take care of this car detailing element by simply buying a lubricant and squirting it on the hinges. Afterward, squirt them with motor oil and operate the doors until the excess is wiped away.

#8 – Fix leather seat tears

If you have leather seats, it’s best to maintain their gorgeous look and feel. You can do it by simply buying a leather repair kit that matches the color of the seats and fix the holes with it. Don’t expect perfection, of course, but at least there won’t be any tears in the seats anymore.
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#9 – Lubricate

This is one of the easiest detailing tasks that you can perform. All that you have to do is to lubricate the trunk hinges and use silicone spray for the window tracks. Opening and closing the car’s trunk will go a lot smoother, and the windows will be better protected if you do so.

#10 – Brush out the vents

The vents get filled with dust quick, and you can take it upon yourself to clean them at home. With the help of an artist’s paintbrush that you lightly coat with furniture polish, remove the dust from the crevices. Wipe the brush off, and use it on the other vents as well.